Cash back Website Ebates Introduction

We spent more and more time on shopping online, maybe in the future people will only choose online shopping. There have been lots of online shopping related businesses come out together. The online cash back is the one of them, when you purchased items from a online retail store, some smart businesses acted as multiple retail stores’ affiliate partner, they posted selling links to public, if buyers click the affiliate link to buy items from retail store, these affiliate partner will get commissions from retail stores.

Ebates, is the one of affiliate partners, but unlike common affiliate program candidates, when Ebates get commissions from retail stores, they will share part of commission to the real buyers. That is a very smart idea, more and more buyers want to via Ebates to do online shopping, so they could get some cash back.

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Finance Report Schedule (Earning Calendar)



FiscalQuarterEnd  DateReported EarningsPerShare*    ConsensusEPS*Forecast    %Surprise

Mar2013   04/18/2013
Dec2012    01/24/2013    0.81    0.75    8
Sep2012    10/18/2012    0.53    0.57    -7.02
Jun2012    07/19/2012    0.73    0.63    15.87
Mar2012    04/19/2012    0.6    0.57    5.26