Google Raises Threshold for the YouTube Partner Program

We received an email today from Google’s YouTube team which noticed us our YouTube account will “no longer has access to monetization tools associated with YPP because it doesn’t meet the new threshold”.  Actually for us it does not change our status a lot since our videos have very few views and watching time. But we just don’t know how those YouTubers who have much more great video but have few subscribers, or have enough subscribers, but there is not enough video watch time?

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Why Google AdSense Estimated Earning Changing Frequently ?

Most of web bloggers use Google AdSense as their important blog monetization. Especially there are lots of small web blog sites reply on Google AdSense to earn a little bit income. At least they might take advantage of AdSense money to pay hosting and domain annual fee.

Google also provides professional AdSense user management system ( or call control panel ?) which allows users maintain all ads, and view great reporters.

In current AdSense management edition we can see there are 2 types of reports in AdSense account, the one is income report which is shown as home page, another one is performance reports which gives you analyze information related all ads you set. Today we are going to give a topic which is related to the income report.

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AdSense Revenue Down 30-40% After Using Responsive Ads ?

Our team has a WordPress blog website which built in 2007 or more earlier. There are totally 770+ public text blogs (long articles or short message records) and 100+ private blogs on the site. However we did not spend enough time and enough enthusiasm to write good quality articles, so the monthly AdSense revenue was on low level.

We have gotten some spare time since the holiday season of 2015 to start updating the blog site, we changed theme using the newest WordPress official released theme named Twenty-Sixteen,  and we modified the theme ourselves a bit to have current UI. At least, the new theme supports both of desktop and mobile platforms, this was the major reason why we wanted to update the blog site.

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Can I Put AdSense Ad and InfoLinks Ad On the Same Webpage ?

You know Google AdSense, right ? So let’s find some information about InfoLinks. The following content is from InfoLinks official site: “Infolinks is an online advertising platform offering ad solutions. Infolinks helps online bloggers and website publishers earn real revenue from their sites so that they can continue creating great new content. Infolinks goes beyond conventional advertising by providing non-disruptive solutions delivering relevant ads website context.”

So for the beginners the early questions are “Can I put AdSense and InfoLink together? Can I put them on my same webpage? ”

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We just realized: Kontera was Acquired by Amobee in 2014

Recently we were looking for In Text Ads providers, to try to find more online monetization solutions. We got to know there are 2 major popular web ads technologies, the one is AdSense way, another one is In Text ads such as the services were from Kontera and Infolinks, the Kontera is now Amobee since it was acquired by Amobee in 2014:


The old news is here.

Great AdSense Alternative Ad Publisher Service InfoLinks

Most of bloggers know they can use Google AdSense to earn some money, which is called blog monetization, if the blogger wrote good quality blog articles, he might can use Google AdSense to support the cost for website’s hosting and domain annual fee, even better, some good bloggers can earn huge revenue, they could pay all other expenses such as cable internet, phones, office renting and more, including all his life supporting.

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What is Impressions in Google AdSense Report ?

Google AdSense keeps on changing their features, concepts and policies. had a post What is Page CTR ? CPC ? RPM ? eCPM ? very early which was about explaination of Google AdSense report key words.

But after that time, Google seems started to use “Impressions” to replace “Views” in most of places in a report, so what is Impression?

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