Walmart Canada Affiliate Program to be Suspended

We received notification which was about Walmart Canada Affiliate Program Stoppage. The affiliate program will be suspended from March 11, 2016.

The notification was from Walmart Canada’s affiliate program service provider LinkShare, they gave the reason was “to align with Walmart Canada’s current business objectives and profitability goals.”

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How Much is Amazon Canada Affiliate Rate ?

Amazon Canada affiliate program is actually referrals for products selling, so the affiliate rate is actually the referral fee rate, which is similar like commissions but it is not exact commissions.

Amazon referral fees are calculated due to the sold product type and the count of shipped items which is through your referral links.

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How to Apply for Walmart Canada Affiliate Program

Walmart can provide super competitive low prices. allow website owners join their Affiliate Program for free with functional benefits. As long as your website is not an “empty” website, adult website or other bad “behavior” which is qualified with their approval conditions, you can consider applying for their affiliate program.

The following is commission rates:

Departments Commission Rates
Electronics, Appliances, Furniture, Video games, Movies, Music, Books 2%
Baby, Toys, Sports, Jewellery, Outdoor Living, Office, Home 4%
Commission Window 48 hours

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How to apply for Amazon Affiliate Program

You might have already known Amazon, but let me introduce something for newbie: Amazon is an electronic commerce company in US, but it still provides branch websites in different countries. Amazon is also well known by its another famous service: the biggest cloud computing service provider in the world.

Amazon provide their own affiliate service. They do not call Affiliate Program but call Amazon Associates. The most popular Amazon affiliate program is referrals by advertising their products. Currently on Canada Amazon, we can earn up to 8.5% commission; on USA Amazon, we can earn up to 10% commission.

So now let us start to register their Associates. Actually if you have already an Amazon account, you can login using your existing account directly. Here let us ignore the register process.

We use the Amazon Canada website as example, because most of Amazon sites have the similar application steps:

1: Click here to directly go to login page, Or from home page, scroll down the page to the bottom, you will find the Amazon Associates under the Make Money with Us option, click the link:


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