Some Clearance and On Sale Items in a GTA Costco Store

Welcome to our blog website ! This is the first time we post a retail store’s selling items with images on our own blog, we hope you can get the right information which you wanted. Also for fast viewing the items which we are going to post, we adjusted this blog’s content so that you can see the Costco Items at once when you come here. If you are interested in more information about our first time Costco items post, please read more information which just follow the items list.

If you also want to know which store is it exactly, please check very bottom in this post.

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On Amazon, there are lots of interesting links are waiting for your digging, Amazon does provide those links, but you will have to find them out by yourself, even Amazon put these links on the webpage somewhere, but we believe most of customers will not be aware of them. Such as the following two links:

1: Outlet Deals:

This deal link provides Clearance Deals, Overstocks, and More
The Outlet Store is the ultimate online destination for great deals on clearance products and overstocks. We gathered all our discounts, markdowns, closeouts, and overstock deals in one place for your shopping convenience.

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How to Buy Item from Best Buy US Website Without US Credit Card

In Holidays every year, there were many stuff on sale with amazing prices on multiple US retainer websites, such as,,…etc. Even US dollar was increasing, but those on sale prices were still much better than local countries, such as in Canada.

However, most of popular retail stores ONLY ship to the address inside the US, also, they need your billing address is a US address too, this will cause a problem if an non-US customer order an item from their website, because the billing address must match your credit card address information.

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How to Search for Items ONLY Ships from and Sold by Amazon ?

(The content from which we got authorization to post here)

Some people only purchase the items what are shipped from and sold by Amazon, because there are many sellers on Amazon,  not all online sellers can guarantee they provide good customer services including return, exchange; even some sellers promise they have good service, but the buyers still think the returning process is not easy compared with a physical store, so, those buyers only trust Amazon, What they purchased from Amazon, they believe mostly will be good enough, and if even they have to return, but the seller is Amazon, it should be OK.

OK, Now let’s learn how to search for those items which only sold by and shipped from Amazon:

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Cash back Website Ebates Introduction

We spent more and more time on shopping online, maybe in the future people will only choose online shopping. There have been lots of online shopping related businesses come out together. The online cash back is the one of them, when you purchased items from a online retail store, some smart businesses acted as multiple retail stores’ affiliate partner, they posted selling links to public, if buyers click the affiliate link to buy items from retail store, these affiliate partner will get commissions from retail stores.

Ebates, is the one of affiliate partners, but unlike common affiliate program candidates, when Ebates get commissions from retail stores, they will share part of commission to the real buyers. That is a very smart idea, more and more buyers want to via Ebates to do online shopping, so they could get some cash back.

(You can click above button to register Ebates for free and get $5 welcome bonus)

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