Why Yoast SEO Plugin Does Not Generate XML Sitemap

Yoast SEO plugin is a popular SEO plugin with multiple features such as XML Sitemap for WordPress websites. Just because its amazon functions and  features compared to other SEO plugins, it could become a top SEO plugin. It provides multiple features such as better content writing, page analysis, XML sitemaps, RSS optimization, Social integration, multiple websites settings import and export etc..

The XML Sitemap is the one of Yoast SEO plugin features. It is an important feature which better is provided by a website to all popular search engine services. Yoast SEO plugin also provides the XML sitemap generate function. However, sometimes we can not use Yoast SEO to generate XML sitemap successfully.

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Main Differences between Chromecast and Miracast

Chromecast: Chromecast came from Google which is based on Goolge Cast technology. Chromecast devices also play the audio and video on an external display, but it works via Wi-Fi from the internet or a local network.

So, due to the different technology with Miracase, Chromecast needs a router to work collaborately, actually Chromecast needs an existed network, otherwise, Chromecast can not work.

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