Walmart Canada Affiliate Program to be Suspended


We received notification which was about Walmart Canada Affiliate Program Stoppage. The affiliate program will be suspended from March 11, 2016.

The notification was from Walmart Canada’s affiliate program service provider LinkShare, they gave the reason was “to align with Walmart Canada's current business objectives and profitability goals.”

The real reason why Walmart Canada Affiliate Program is to be suspended ?

Actually we really doubt the real reason why they have to suspend the Walmart Affiliate Program. What we guess is because the technical issue. We just stopped publishing any affiliate links which were provided by LinkShare couple of days ago. The reason was because we realized we lost revenue from customers’ clicks.

We had an experiment of publishing Walmart Canada affiliate links and we got over 450 clicks in one day from one publishing place but only 2 links generated commissions, compared to Amazon’s affiliate clicks to orders rate, it is really unreasonable, so we removed any affiliate links which were from LinkShare right away.

The following is the notification which is from LinkShare:Walmart Affiliate to be suspended -

**Walmart Canada Affiliate Program Stoppage ** We regret to inform you that as of March 11, 2016, the Walmart Canada Affiliate Program will suspend all operations for an indefinite period. It is recommended that you remove Walmart Canada tracking links no later than March 8, 2016. While the program and our publisher partnerships have grown successfully over the course of 3 years, this program stoppage is necessary to align with Walmart Canada's current business objectives and profitability goals. This decision does not come lightly and is only undertaken after extensive consideration and analysis. Rest assured that commissions for sales tracked through March 11, 2016 will be valid and delivered. Further, tracked commissions that may be currently outstanding are not at risk and will be paid in full. We thank you for your partnership and wish you continued success. Thanks, The Affiliate Team [email protected]