Be Careful Handling Google Indexing and Searched Listing Correctly

Google’s Indexing and Searching are 2 important concepts in SEO. When we learn SEO, we might gather different information from different resources, some resource might be no more available, expired or no more work correctly;

Recently, we got knowledge which was about “Preventing your site from being indexed, the right way“, which is from famous WordPress SEO plugins maker Yoast. What we wanted was preventing Google searching engine “DO NOT store our website information but still list our website in searching result”.

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Walmart Canada Affiliate Program to be Suspended

We received notification which was about Walmart Canada Affiliate Program Stoppage. The affiliate program will be suspended from March 11, 2016.

The notification was from Walmart Canada’s affiliate program service provider LinkShare, they gave the reason was “to align with Walmart Canada’s current business objectives and profitability goals.”

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Why Yoast SEO Plugin Does Not Generate XML Sitemap

Yoast SEO plugin is a popular SEO plugin with multiple features such as XML Sitemap for WordPress websites. Just because its amazon functions and  features compared to other SEO plugins, it could become a top SEO plugin. It provides multiple features such as better content writing, page analysis, XML sitemaps, RSS optimization, Social integration, multiple websites settings import and export etc..

The XML Sitemap is the one of Yoast SEO plugin features. It is an important feature which better is provided by a website to all popular search engine services. Yoast SEO plugin also provides the XML sitemap generate function. However, sometimes we can not use Yoast SEO to generate XML sitemap successfully.

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Why Google AdSense Estimated Earning Changing Frequently ?

Most of web bloggers use Google AdSense as their important blog monetization. Especially there are lots of small web blog sites reply on Google AdSense to earn a little bit income. At least they might take advantage of AdSense money to pay hosting and domain annual fee.

Google also provides professional AdSense user management system ( or call control panel ?) which allows users maintain all ads, and view great reporters.

In current AdSense management edition we can see there are 2 types of reports in AdSense account, the one is income report which is shown as home page, another one is performance reports which gives you analyze information related all ads you set. Today we are going to give a topic which is related to the income report.

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AdSense Revenue Down 30-40% After Using Responsive Ads ?

Our team has a WordPress blog website which built in 2007 or more earlier. There are totally 770+ public text blogs (long articles or short message records) and 100+ private blogs on the site. However we did not spend enough time and enough enthusiasm to write good quality articles, so the monthly AdSense revenue was on low level.

We have gotten some spare time since the holiday season of 2015 to start updating the blog site, we changed theme using the newest WordPress official released theme named Twenty-Sixteen,  and we modified the theme ourselves a bit to have current UI. At least, the new theme supports both of desktop and mobile platforms, this was the major reason why we wanted to update the blog site.

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Some Clearance and On Sale Items in a GTA Costco Store

Welcome to our blog website ! This is the first time we post a retail store’s selling items with images on our own blog, we hope you can get the right information which you wanted. Also for fast viewing the items which we are going to post, we adjusted this blog’s content so that you can see the Costco Items at once when you come here. If you are interested in more information about our first time Costco items post, please read more information which just follow the items list.

If you also want to know which store is it exactly, please check very bottom in this post.

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